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Undergraduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Application Deadlines:
Ontario High School Student - January 16
Domestic (Canadian) Student - April 1
International (Visa) Student - April 1

Admission Offers:
Offer Decision Timing, Ontario High School applicants: early acceptance from February - April. Applicants are reviewed again in April upon receipt of second semester midterm grades.

Undergraduate Admission to an Engineering Department

At McMaster, all undergraduate students take a common first year program, Engineering I. After first year, students choose one of thirteen disciplines, all with co-op options, and most have a five-year Management, and Society option.

Requirements for entry into Engineering II Programs:
a) You must have completed 31 units of the following required courses:
-Chem 1E03
-Engineer 1A00, 1C03, 1D04, 1P03
-Matls 1M03
-Math 1ZA3, 1ZB3, 1ZC3
-Physics 1D03, 1E03
b) A minimum GPA of C- is required for entry into all level II Engineering programs.
c) The GPA cut-offs for entry into specific Level II programs will vary depending on the demand for that specific program. Cut-offs for some programs will be significantly greater than C-.

Decisions announced in June will be made using GPA from courses completed during Terms- 1, 2, and 3 of the current session.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

Applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma will be considered for admission to Engineering Level I, provided the completed diploma program includes the subject requirements of the program desired. Six subjects are required at the diploma level, of which three must be at Higher Level. Diploma points will be included in the overall score.

At the discretion of the Faculty, advanced credit of up to 18 units may be granted for completed Higher Level courses with a minimum final score of 5. Applicants must complete the IB Diploma to be eligible for advanced credit. Applicants who complete the IB certificate are eligible for admission but not advanced credit.

All programs require six subjects, including program requirements, 3 at the Higher Level (HL) and 3 at the Standard Level (SL). Specific program requirements are listed below:

Required Courses
◦One of: Mathematics (HL), Math (SL)

Anticipated Admission Range - September 2016 (Subject to Change): 34-36 is required for consideration.

English Language Proficiency test required.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Residents of Nunavut/Northwest Territory/Alberta: completion of High School Diploma plus 5 courses numbered 30 or 31 including:
◦English Language Arts 30 or 31
◦Math 31
◦Chemistry 30
◦Physics 30

Residents of British Columbia/Yukon: completion of High School Diploma plus 4 Grade 12 academic courses including:
◦English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
◦One of: Calculus 12, AP Calculus
◦Chemistry 12
◦Physics 12

Residents of Manitoba: completion of High School Diploma plus 5 courses numbered 40A or 40S including:
◦1 English 40S course
◦One of: Calculus 45S, AP Calculus, Calculus 45A
◦Chemistry 40S
◦Physics 40S

Residents of New Brunswick: completion of High School Diploma plus 5 courses numbered 120, 121 or 122 including:
◦One of: English 121, 122
◦One of: Calculus 120 / Calculus 12 / AP Calculus / Advanced Math with Intro to Calculus 120
◦One of: Chemistry 121, 122
◦One of: Physics 121,122

Residents of Newfoundland: completion of High School Diploma plus
11 acceptable Grade 12 credits at the 3000 level including:
◦English 3201
◦One of: AP Calculus, Math 3207
◦Chemistry 3202
◦Physics 3204

Residents of Nova Scotia: completion of High School Diploma plus 5 Grade 12 Academic courses including:
• English 12
• One of: AP Calculus, Calculus 12
• Chemistry 12
• Physics 12

Residents of Prince Edward Island: completion of High School Diploma plus 5 Grade 12 Academic courses numbered 611 or 621, including:
◦English 621
◦Math 611B
◦Chemistry 621
◦Physics 621

Residents of Quebec: completion of High School Diploma plus at least one year of CEGEP with the following courses:
◦2 English 603 courses
◦Calculus I
◦Chemistry I & II
◦Physics I & II
- Students applying from level I CEGEP to any level I program are required to offer satisfactory standing in 12 level I academic courses (including two English 603 courses). McMaster University does not consider courses coded 109 or English as a Second Language suitable for admission purposes. Applicants with Year II or III CEGEP who have achieved the DEC will be considered for advanced standing. R score is used for admission consideration.

Residents of Saskatchewan: completion of High School Diploma plus
5 Grade 12 Academic courses numbered 30 including:
◦English A30 and B30
◦One of: Calculus 30, AP Calculus
◦Chemistry 30
◦Physics 30

It is recommended that all first semester grades and a list of all courses for the entire year be submitted no later than March 1st except for programs with a February 1st deadline.

Anticipated Admission Range - September 2016 (Subject to Change): 87-90%

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Equivalent of Grade 12 high school level entrance requirements for admission to Engineering (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics).

English language proficiency.

Minimum of B+ grade point or cumulative average for entrance to second year and above.