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Student Design Projects Description

CE 4340 - Design and Cost Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures. Total structural systems concepts, principles of cost analysis, and project report.
CE 4620 - Hydrology and Hydraulic Design. Descriptive and quantitative hydrology, probability concepts.
CE 4820 - Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Projects such as the Steel Bridge competition.
CS 4243-4244 - Computer Science Capstone Design Project 1-2. Conception, planning, design and construction of a one-year project; documentation, verification and validation, testing, and configuration management.
ECE 3915, 4920, 4925 - Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering Capstone Project Lab. Elements of project design. Conception, planning, refining, design, and construction of a one-year project.
EMSE 4191 - Systems Engineering Senior Project. Field experience in systems engineering research on a team basis, using systems engineering methods and models, with project reports.
MAE 4193 - Engineering Systems Design. Creative engineering design, problem definition, concept generation, and project presentation.
MAE 4199 - Student Design Project. Special student projects involving extensive design of various mechanical engineering systems, such as the mini-Baja racer, that are tipicallty national in scope.
MAE 4149 Thermal Systems design
MAE 4182 Electromechanical Control System design
MAE 4194 Mechanotronics design