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University of Ottawa, Faculty of Engineering - 2016

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Admissions Information

Graduate Admission to the College of Engineering

For Graduate Admission requirements, procedures and fees, please consult:

Graduate Admission to an Engineering Department

For a list of all graduate programs in the Faculty of Engineering, please consult :
Each program has its own requirements.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

For special information regarding prospective internationals graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering, please consult:

Residency Requirements

Does not apply in Engineering

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

2.7 Equivalences and Transfer of Credits
All students are normally expected to complete the major part of their program requirements while registered in the program at the University of Ottawa.

a) Transfers from Other Universities
Graduate students who transfer from other universities may receive credit for work already done, but must normally complete the major part of the requirements for the degree at the University of Ottawa. PhD candidates transferring from another university to continue their studies at the University of Ottawa may be given advanced standing for work and residence already completed elsewhere. However, in all such cases, these candidates must register full-time for at least three sessions and must pass a comprehensive examination at the University of Ottawa.

b) Transfer of Credits within the University (Retained Credits)
Students who have completed graduate courses at the University of Ottawa, either as "special students" or with "out-of-program" status, may have a maximum of six credits transferred upon being subsequently admitted to a graduate program at this university.