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University of Ottawa, Faculty of Engineering - 2016

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Engineering Information

Engineering Departments

Engineering Department(s) Degree Granting Level Department Chair Discipline
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Xudong Cao Biomedical Engineering
Chemical & Biological Both Boguslaw Kruczek Chemical Engineering
Civil Both Colin Rennie Civil Engineering
E-Business Graduate Liam Peyton Other Engineering Disciplines
EECS Undergraduate Claude D'Amours Computer Engineering
EECS Both Claude D'Amours Computer Science (inside engineering)
EECS Both Claude D'Amours Electrical Engineering
EECS Undergraduate Claude D'Amours Other Engineering Disciplines
Engineering Management Graduate Francois Robitaille Engineering Management
Environmental Engineering Graduate Mamadou Fall Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Both Nathalie Baddour Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical (Biomedical) Undergraduate Marianne Fenech Biomedical Engineering
System Science Graduate Tet Yeap Other Engineering Disciplines