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Purdue University Polytechnic Institute - 2016

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Engineering Technology Information

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Engineering Technology College Description and Special Characteristics

The college’s engineering technology programs are laboratory intensive. A co-op or internship is optional (but highly recommended) in most programs. Most students do multiple co-ops or internships, which often lead to multiple job offers. The college offers M.S. degrees in most of its majors and provides a Ph.D. in which student may concentrate in any department. During the fall 2014 semester, the college embarked upon the development of a trans-disciplinary competency-based degree that will transform the learning environment (learning methods, learning spaces, student assessment approaches, competencies, and other curricula initiatives) for all students by Fall 2017, to include providing in fall 2015 a transformed learning environment for all first-year and a capstone experience for all senior-year undergraduates.