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University of California, Los Angeles - 2016

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Engineering Information

Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

-- Biomedical Device and Therapeutic Design
-- Design of Chemical Processes
-- Design of Foundations and Earth Structures
-- Advanced Geotechnical Design
-- Design of Steel Structures
-- Structural Systems Design
-- Design and Construction of Tall Buildings
-- Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures
-- Design of Water Treatment Plants
-- Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants
-- Concrete Canoe Design Project
-- Steel Bridge Design Project
-- Geo Wall Design Project
-- Environmental Design
-- Seismic Design Competition
-- Digital Design Project
-- Digital Signal Processing Design
-- Design of Electronic Circuits
-- Semiconductor Processing and Device Design
-- Microwave Wireless Design
-- Photonics and Communication Design
-- Systems Design
-- Micromouse Design Project
-- NatCar Design Project
-- Materials Selection and Engineering Design
-- Mechanical Engineering Design I and II --two-quarter sequence in which students design, build, and compete a mechatronic device to achieve some specified goal
-- Preliminary Design of Aircraft -- Students design an aircraft to meet specified performance requirements.
-- Design of Aerospace Structures -- Design of aircraft, helicopter, spacecraft, and related structures.
-- ASME-UCLA Battle-bots
-- UCLA Rocket Project
-- AIAA Design, Build, Fly
-- SAE Baja
-- SAE Formula
-- SAE Supermileage
-- UCLA Cube-Sat (AFRL's University Nanosatellite Program)
-- Design of Robotic Systems