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Chemical and Biological Engineering: All students are required to take two courses and a senior thesis that involve elements of design. In the junior year students take a lab course involving design and analysis of unit operations relevant to Chemical Processing Engineering. In the senior year students take a capstone design course, Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Chemical Processes. All students do a senior thesis involving design and analysis that counts as two courses;
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Programs in Architecture and Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Geological Engineering each offer two design courses and require a senior thesis;
Computer Science: Independent work done during the junior and/or senior year provides design experience;
Electrical Engineering: Two term senior thesis is required beginning with Class of 2016; projects often incorporate substantial engineering design experience. All juniors complete a project design course, in which students design and implement a microprocessor-controlled scale-model autonomous vehicle, including a variety of individually chosen features;
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: three design courses required in each program. Projects emphasize design and manufacture of mechanical systems using computer aided tools. One of two elective courses required in the Mechanical Program: One involves design and construction of a mobile robot. The other uses microcomputers for the design/construction and control of an automated model railroad. One of two elective courses required in the Aerospace Program: One involves design of a satellite or space system from conception to critical design review and the other involves aerodynamic design. Structural design is emphasized in one required course common to both programs; at least one semester of independent work with design required in senior year in both programs; Operations Research and Financial Engineering: Operations and Information Engineering 411 is a course where students are organized into teams to design and control a complex operational problem. Students are required to do either a two-semester senior thesis or a one-semester senior project.