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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Princeton does not prescribe fixed secondary school course requirements for admission. The University recognizes the diversity of programs offered by various secondary schools and is primarily interested in the quality and breadth of the student's record. The school's testimony about academic quality and interest as well as motivation, reliability, and strength of character is very important.


The following program is desirable: English, four years with continued practice in writing; foreign languages, four years of one language (rather than two years each of two languages), preferably continued through the final year of secondary school; mathematics, four years of college preparatory mathematics, also preferably continued through the final year of secondary school.
In addition to these studies, the following are important components of strong preparation for work in the University: two years of laboratory science, two years of history (including that of a country or area in addition to the U.S.), some study of art and music, and, if possible, a second foreign language. Students seeking a B.S.E. degree should have a strong record in the natural sciences and in mathematics.
The University will give full consideration to an applicant who has been unable to pursue the recommended studies to the full extent if the record otherwise shows clear promise.