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SUNY Polytechnic Institute - 2016

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Student Design Projects Description

Project 1. Battlefield assessment tool.
The development and design of an aerial surveillance platform and a seamlessly integrated helmet mounted display to receive the data from the aerial platform . Human detection and threat detection is accompanied with the displayed live video on the heads up display. Customer controller will be a requirement as a means of drone communication.

Project 2. Local positioning system
The goal of this project is to create a quick and efficient way for a user locate medical devices in a hospital using the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The hope is to reduce the amount of time wasted searching for equipment, the amount of equipment needed to be purchased, and ensure equipment is maintained in a timely matter.

Project 3. Public Health Ocular Examinations
Our objective is to design a device that could efficiently gather test results by performing various ocular exams. More specifically, we want to: determine whether the individual passes or fails the ocular movements, visual acuity, visual fields, and color blindness examinations; capture images of both the external and internal eye structures; and document the results of the examinations and images of the eye’s structure.