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University of New Haven - 2016

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Mechanical Engineering: A Rube Goldberg device that illustrates Gaussian distribution, rolling friction, mechanical advantage of pulleys, and strain measurement on cantilever beams using steel balls that move from demo to another; vertical water turbine for tidal power generation, with scale-model tested in water and wind tunnel; transmission redesign for marine vessels to improve fuel efficiency; automated can cleansing and crashing device; fabrication and testing of self-contained HVAC unit; human powered vehicle; SAE-style mini Baja vehicle; ultra-tough remote control scale-model of automobile.
Electrical & Computer Engineering: 1) Solid-State MP3 Player - The high-quality sound and the high compression ratio made the MPEG Layer III (MP3) music compression format the best way for storing and distributing music, especially over the internet, where space and bandwidth are important considerations. The student's project was to design a scaled down version of the solid state MP3 player, still trying to ensure the end result would be expandable to include all of the functionality of the most popular players on the market. The student designed a circuit that would convert an MP3 file into an audio signal for the final project. The circuit sues an MP3 decoder chip to convert an MP3 file into a digital signal. The resulting digital signal is then converted to an analog audio signal via a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). An 8-bit Microcontroller controls the flow of data to the MP3 decoder chip. 2) An interactive device which will be used to monitor the weight (lbs.) of people and can give valuable information on their current weight (overweight, underweight, obese) in accordance with their Body Mass Index (BMI). A keypad is used to enter in user information (name, weight, age, height, etc.) and an LCD displays results. The device communicates with a PC via serial connection and Blue Tooth technology where a program is developed to accept the information on the device. In the program the information typed in the device is loaded to the computer. The information is displayed on graphs and tables, to give users a much larger view of the information. 3) Multiampk - device that receives an analog audio signal and separates it into 3 frequency bands. The 3 frequency bands are amplified separately and output to three different speakers. Some of the technology used in this project includes DSP and Class D amplification.