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University of New Haven - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The Tagliatela College of Engineering (TCoE) at the University of New Haven is the principal private provider of engineering degrees in the state of Connecticut. TCoE offers four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) ABET-accredited degrees in the following disciplines: chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, system engineering, computer science, information technology, chemistry, and sustainability studies. TCoE also offers a B.S. in General Engineering (BSGE), which blends elements from each discipline to provide students with a broad general knowledge base combined with a minor from any discipline at the university. Prior to graduation, all TCoE students are encouraged either to participate in UNH's internship/cooperative education program or to assist a faculty member in engineering research to gain hands-on experience in their fields of study. TCoE has responded to the call by the National Academy of Engineering to develop a new paradigm for engineering education (see Educating the Engineer of 2020, ISBN #0-309-09649-9). The "Spiral Curriculum" engages freshman and sophomore students in engineering and prepares them for the exciting 21st century careers. TCoE undergraduate engineering curricula are structured around design projects, engineering laboratories, and computer use, and require between 121 and 132 credits for completion. TCoE's dedicated full-time faculty deliver BS and BSGE programs in both full-and part-time formats, and allow students to change their concentration up until their third semester of study without increasing the number of course requirements. TCoE faculty hold doctorate degrees from more than 30 internationally-recognized universities and combine high-quality instruction with an emphasis on small class size to ensure that students receive personal attention and advising. TCoE students have built an electric vehicle, the "Re-Charger," for which they won four awards at the Tour del Sol race that runs from Manhattan to Washington, DC. The project, submitted by UNH mechanical engineering students, won Best Student Entry from the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers.