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Student Design Projects Description

Today's employers are increasingly looking for engineering graduates who demonstrate strong potential to perform well on multidisciplinary teams. At Montana State we developed a junior-level course to help engineering students acquire that ability while furthering their design skills. This course is a graduation requirement for most juniors in engineering and computer science. The course covers important design topics such as design process, creative design, project management, teamwork, and technical leadership while highlighting the skills needed to work in a multidisciplinary environment. Students complete a design project as a major component of the course.

In the senior year, student teams, usually 3 to 5 students, are formed to complete a capstone design project. Most projects address "real-world," open-ended problems and have an external sponsor. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged within the department. Such projects synthesize the curricula and serve as a platform for student outcomes assessment. Seniors can participate in either departmental or multi-disciplinary (Multi-D) projects.