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University of Denver - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

BS Electrical Engineering - 200 Quarter Hours
BS Mechanical Engineering - 192 Quarter Hours
BS Computer Engineering - 198 Quarter Hours BS Computer Engineering/MBA - 248 Quarter Hours
BS Electrical Engineering/MBA - 248 Quarter Hours
BS Mechanical Engineering/MBA - 240 Quarter Hours

Master's Degree Requirements

45 Quarter Hours are required for MS degree. Thesis Option: The requirements of the Thesis Option are the same as those of the Non-Thesis Option except that a student elects to complete a research thesis as part of his or her program. A student in the Thesis Option earns nine quarter hours of Thesis Research in lieu of nine quarter hours of Technical Electives. The Thesis Defense replaces the Comprehensive Examination requirement.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

90 Quarter Hours as well as successful completion and defense of a dissertation based on the student's original research are required for Ph.D. in Engineering and Ph.D. in Materials Science.