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University of Arkansas at Little Rock - 2016

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Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Systems Engineering:

Mechatronic Vent Hood (CGI Project): The Mechatronic Vent Hood is a device that automatically maintains the quality of air in kitchen environments while cooking. It uses humidity, temperature, and smoke sensors to determine the amount of airflow needed to keep the air clean. The vent fan adjusts automatically to improve air quality without user intervention and the burners will be turned off in the event of a fire.

Aquaponics Greenhouse (CGI project): An aquaponics system is a system that uses fish, algae, or nutrients to provide plants in a greenhouse with the nutrients rather than fertilized dirt. The greenhouse will receive nutrients from the aquaponic tank and the plants will growin a controlled environment. Aquaponics systems are a very good resource for growing food without the use of chemicals and can be used in environments where plants generally cannot be grown year round. However, these systems have proven to be labor intensive and not easily operable or controlled. Our aim is to use sensor feedback to control plant water level, nutrients, and temperature inside the greenhouse and aquarium.

2016 IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competition Entry (national competition)

Smart House Lock: The idea behind this project is to design a controlled system that can communicate viaBluetooth with your smartphone and wait idly for your commands in order to either unlock orlock a door for you, the customer.

Electric Motorcycle ­ Codename Project ELIE: For this Capstone project, a team of engineers will design and build a motorcycle, poweredexclusively by electricity, that performs as well as comparable gasoline powered motorcycles.To set this project apart from existing electric designs the team will make careful selections forthe components and design around keeping the motor operating at peak efficiency for the power input provided.

Portable Clean Power Generating System: Sometimes you find yourself in areas that don’t have electrical power for your variousdevices. The Earth Sciences department goes into remote locations each summer toconduct research and needs a device to service this need. They use cellphones, laptops andother electrical devices, that are need for research and daily communication. This project isgoing to be able to provide a portable electrical green power supply to fill this need.

Engineering Technology:

Aviation Latch Design: A company in the business of manufacturing special components for outfitting aircraft interiors, provided a project for a team of students, to provide an optimal design for a latch to be used for drawers and cabinet doors in the aircraft. The design must meet the FAA standards, and meet the strength and reliability requirements for the aviation industry. Student team created a simpler design, and explored improving production cost.

SUV Top Cargo Handling: Hauling cargo on the top of an SUV or a Pickup Truck requires strenuous lifting and is fraught with the potential for accidents and injury. A student team recognized that, and designed retractable handling system that would allow loading and unloading the top cargo, at a convenient height

Manufacturing the Future: The goal of project is to build a compact engineering system in order to manufacture a projectile from a standard sheet of paper and test it by propelling it a maximum distance.