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University of Arkansas at Little Rock - 2016

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Program Comparisons

  • ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
  • CEAB - Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board
Degree Program ABET/CEAB Accred. Nominal Program Length
Average Program Length
Time: Day/Even./
Co-op: None/Opt./
Grads in Co-op Progs.
Architectural and Construction Engineering (B.S.) no 4.00 Both None
Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) in Information Assurance Concentration no 4.00 Both None
Civil and Construction Engineering (B.S.) yes 4.00 4.00 Both None
Computer Science (B.S.) yes 4.00 4.94 Both None
Construction Management (B.S.) no 4.00 5.60 Both None
E-Commerce (B.S.) no 4.00 4.00 Both None
Environmental Engineering (B.S.) no 4.00 Both None
Geology (B.S.) no 4.00 4.63 Both None
Information Science (B.S.) yes 4.00 4.46 Both None
Systems Engineering (B.S.) yes 4.00 4.57 Both None
Web Design and Development (B.A.) no 4.00 Both None