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University of Arkansas at Little Rock - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

College Core requirements:

The college has a core curriculum adapted to the needs of its engineering, construction , IT-oriented degrees and Geology. Each bachelor's degree program requires a core that includes courses in communications, arts, humanities, history and social sciences, Lab Sciences and Mathematics. Systems Engineering and Civil and Construction Engineering have a modified core.
The major credit requirements for the Bachelor of Science are the following:
(i) Construction Management: 125 - 126
(ii) Civil and Construction Engineering: 127-128
(iii) Architectural and Construction Engineering: 127-128
(iv) Environmental Engineering:
(iv) Systems Engineering: 125 - 126
(v) Information Science: 120
(vi) E-Commerce: 120
(vii) Computer Science: 120
(vii) Geology: 120

The College also offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Web Design and Development (120 credits), Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) with a concentration in Information Assurance (120 credits) and a Bachelor of Science in Geology (120 credits).

Systems Engineering offers four options: Electrical, Computer, Telecommunication, Mechanical. Information Science offers a minor in Bioinformatics whereas Computer Science offers a minor in Information Assurance.

Master's Degree Requirements

The major credit requirements for the Master of Science are the following:

(i) Bioinformatics: 38
(ii) Computer Science: 31 - 34
(iii) Information Quality: 33
(iv) Systems Engineering: 31

Depending on the individual program, students may have to take comprehensive exams.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The major credit requirements for the Doctorate of Philosophy are the following:

(i) Bioinformatics: 36 (beyond the MS in Bioinformatics)
(ii) Engineering Science and Systems: 76
(iii) Computer and Information Sciences: 75

Each program has other requirements including candidacy exams, proposal defense and dissertation defense.