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Lafayette College - 2016

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Engineering Information

Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

ASCE Steel Bridge
Aero Design
Emerging Green Builders Design
Design of module For Residential production of fuel grade ethanol
Optimization of dye manufacturing process
Design of Fischer tropsch reactor train
Formula SAE race car, Michigan Competition
Formula SAE Aero East
Robo Games combat robot
Human Powered Vehicle, ASME
Quad copter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Design and construction of a wave generator
Generation and visualization of hairpin vortices
Adhesion and Cohesion stress of bacteria and substrate interface
Finite Element Analysis of the permeability of brain tissue
Organic Garden
Composting Project
Wetland Research
Campus Bike-Share Proposal
Pervious Pavement
Northampton Community College Soil Study
Portable hydroelectric power system
Electrical models that mimic the human brain
Natural Disasters Response and Rehabilitation: A Case Study of the Pakistan Flood
Sustainable Water and Sanitation Initiative: A Small Community Approach in Jacmel, Haiti
Long-term financial needs of charity-funded water systems: A Case Study in Uganda
Sustainable Designs
Hand Writing Assist Medical Device
Moog project
Grand Challenges