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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College offers B.S. degrees in Chemical & Biomolecular, Civil and Environmental, Electrical & Computer, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as an A.B. degree in Engineering Studies. Lafayette emphasizes close interaction between students and faculty with a student-faculty ratio of 10.5:1. Multidisciplinary design projects are a hallmark of the programs where cross-functional teams, consisting of students from liberal arts and engineering, focus not only on the technical aspects of their project, but also on the entrepreneurial, economic, and other societal considerations. In addition, Lafayette students have many opportunities to conduct research with faculty and travel to research conferences. The Engineering Division is a national leader in study abroad. Over one quarter of engineering students complete a full semester abroad, and over half complete at least one course abroad. Virtually all students graduate in four years and pursue careers that include design, medicine, project management, executive positions, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Approximately one quarter of alumni attain graduate degrees in engineering, medicine, law, and business.