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University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research in progess includes water/wastewater treatment systems, highway sustainability, structural analysis and cold-region engineering.

College of Engineering

Biomedical /Biotechnology research specializations include comparative immunology, vaccine design, biosensors, biomimetic materials, polymer science, soft electronics, hydro gels & regenerative biological materials, bioinformatics.

Computer and Information Science

Software engineering, human-computer interaction, visualization and imaging, informatics and data processing, multi-agent systems, computer networks.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Acoustics, computer engineering, cybersecurity, electromagnetics, electronics and solid-state devices,RF/photonics, Internet of Things, signals and systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Biopreservation, renewable energy, fluid-structure interaction, buoyant flows, mechanics of materials, composite materials, computational mechanics, high performance heat exchangers.


Astrophysics, computational and theoretical physics, ocean physics, traffic engineering.

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Medical devices, renewable energy systems, marine technologies, pavement materials, wireless communication systems.

Center for Rehabilitation Engineering

Develops innovative rehabilitation equipment techniques and services for agencies and individuals with disabilities.

School for Marine Science & Technology

Biogeochemical cycling, coastal ecosystem dynamics and restoration, ocean observing and remodeling, fisheries science, ocean physics