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University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil and Chemical Engineering

Congestion management; Transit planning; Innovative paving materials and techniques;

Computer Science and Engineering

Scientific applications, Business analytics, Bioinformatics, GIS, Data fusion/data mining

Electrical Engineering

Power production and distribution; Microprocessors; Digital signal processing; Voice recognition and synthesis applications

Mechanical Engineering

Heat transfer; Heating ventilation and air conditioning; Thermal analysis and design; Fluid mechanics; Energy conservation; Advanced manufacturing; Alternative Energy; Automotive; Computational fluid dynamics; Fracture mechanics; Failure analysis; Biomechanics

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Center for Energy, Transportation and the Environment

Inductive Charging of Electric Vehicles, Alternative Fueled Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Transportation Systems

Center for Information Security and Assurance

Data Security, Graphical Systems, Business Analytics, Bioinformatics


Fuel cell design improvements and testing; Antenna design using computational electromagnetics; Aerodynamics of ground vehicles (heavy trucks); Studying speed and fuel economy of Navy ships using polymer injection; Analysis of helicopter engine compressor performance; Free-surface simulations of surface ships in high sea states; Analytical modeling of liquid rocket engine instability; Solid rocket motor modeling and simulation; Computational methods for global, regional and local climate simulation; Parallel Eulerian-Lagrangian two-phase flow solvers; Plasma dynamics modeling and simulation; Constrained design optimization for general supersonic configurations; Atmospheric dispersion at spatial resolutions below mesoscale; Extensible adjoint methods for sensitivity analysis, error estimation and adaptive meshing; Geometric manipulations for computational simulation and design; Advanced turbulence modeling for unstructured topologies; Unsteady flow simulations for ship planar motion mechanism maneuvers