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University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - 2016

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Engineering Technology Information

Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Habitat for Humanity

Graduate Capstone Projects for Fall 2012
Developing and Effective Continuous Improvement Process
How the Power Industry is being affected byt the EPA's Regulations
Shale Oil and Shale Gas:The future asses of the US
Using Distribution automation to Imporve reliability Indices at Electric Utilities
An Alternative investment Protocol for a Business Development
Lean Construction: the Process fo reducing Cycle Time
The implementation of ISO-9000 in a Nuclear Based Manufacturing Company
Factors Contributing Towards Jebel ALi Port Productivity
Sequential Steps to Approach Customer Service in Retailing
Organizational Health Index Assessment at TVA
Creating a Plan for Building Information Modeling
Successful Virtual Teams
An Entrepreneurial Business Plan: Nooga Paws, Natural Pet Market
Business Plan for Automotive Joint Venture
Viability of Nuclear Power
Integrated Project Delivery as Applied to Public Projects
Improving the Energy Efficiency of a WasteWater Treatment Plant
Labor Unions and their Economic Impact on the Boeing Company

Undergradute Design Projects
Flushing Toilet
Hunter Museum of Art
Container Homes
NetZero Facility
Concession Stand