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Student Design Projects Description

- New Mexico State University is the home of the International Environmental Design Contest, a government and industry sponsored contest in which student teams solve environmental problems of interest to government and industry.
- Aerospace Engineering students participate in the Design Build Fly (DBR) competition in payload design projects associated with launches at nearby Spaceport America; in the design of experimental facilities for studies in aeroelasticity and flutter; in the design of systems that are tested on the Vomit Comet, autonomous blimp projects, development of autonomous helicopter G&C systems, and design of aerospace test platforms.
- Civil Engineering students are required to design a hydraulic system (may include a dam and canals), landfill, steel or concrete bridge or building, or water treatment plant. Civil Engineering students participate in the concrete canoe and steel bridge building contests. The student canoe designs have qualified for national competition.
- Chemical Engineering students are required to take a two semester design sequence. In the fall semester, the students take a 4-credit design course covering design principles with individual and group design projects. In the spring semester, Chemical Engineering students take a 2-credit capstone design course and are required to participate in the AICHE national student design competition and individually design a chemical process to meet the requirements of a stated task.
- Students in the Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering are required to complete a six hour capstone design project over two semesters during their senior year. The projects are initiated by a proposal with some sponsorship from private industry or funded research projects. The projects must include teams of at least three students and require three or more subdisciplines from Electrical & Computer Engineering. The team may include members from other Engineering disciplines.
- Industrial Engineering students participate in an integrated senior design project with Mechanical Engineering and technical writing students where they work with an industry client on a current design issue. Facilities design and simulation classes also require a industry design project.
- Mechanical Engineering (ME) students are required to take two Capstone Design courses where they work with industry to design real-world mechanical and thermal systems. The design course is multidisciplinary and students work in teams on design projects. Design is integrated into the ME curriculum starting from the freshman year to the senior year. ME students participate in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) design contest at the regional and national level. Most ME design projects have industrial sponsors such as Boeing, GM, Raytheon, as well as many of the local industries in southern New Mexico. Many students from ME and other engineering departments participate in multidisciplinary projects through the M-TEC, Advanced Manufacturing Center. Each year ME students and Engineering Technology students work in teams on the Mini-Baja vehicle student design and competition which is sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers.
- Computer Science students are required to complete a semester long capstone project; in such project they work in teams to perform the complete cycle of software design and development, addressing a problem assigned by an outside "customer." The project is supervised by one faculty member and it includes written reports and open presentations.
- Other design contests include C-9 (KC135) Student Microgravity Flight competition, Associated Schools of Construction Regional Bidding competition, and NASA University Student Launch competition.