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Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science - 2016

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Engineering Information

Support Programs

College's Under-Represented Student Groups

National Groups

  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society for Women in Engineering

Other Student Support Programs

Engineering has a full orientation for first-year students/freshmen and transfer students. This is followed up by several help sessions in different areas(i.e., in choosing courses,etc.). There is full support academically by faculty, advisers, student and faculty mentors, and Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUS's) in each program, as well as more specific help sessions as the student progresses (i.e., getting into Graduate School, recruiter visits, offers of Summer internships and jobs at Yale and elsewhere). Financial support (grants, contributions) may be provided by the following for the Engineering student: if a student does research that is part of a professor's research, the professor provides research support; gifts made by Yale alumni to their former Departments; the Yale Science an Engineering Association (YSEA) provides grants of up to $1,500 for undergrad research projects; YSER, the Yale Science & Engineering Research program supports some projects; Sigma Xi grants up to $1,000 for student research; the Scientific Research Society supports research up to $1,000 grants; and grants may also be available from industry. Departments may receive gifts for student research--first year students may be eligible for "Perspectives on Science." SC1E198 - following a two-term course, students do paid summer research in a faculty lab.