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Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science - 2016

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Biomedical Engineering
• Two Models of Thoracic Aortic Dissections: Histological Consequences of diminished TGF-β signaling in TGFBRII model and of high-dose Angiotensin-II infusion in ApoE-/- model
• The Effects of Cyclic Mechanical Strain and Angiotensin-II on the Production of Soluble Collagen in Unsorted Murine Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells
• Interactions with Myosin and the Thin Filament may both contribute to the Role of MyBPC in Cardiac Contraction
• Intraluminal Thrombus Formation and Progression in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms, an Investigation on Effects of Lesion Morphology and Hemodynamics
• In vitro feasibility of single incision cannulation for LVAD implantation
• Design and Development of Multi-axial Electromechanical Soft Tissue Testing Systems
• Multi-scale Computational Model to Study Cardiac Remodeling
• Study of engineered heart tissues (EHTs)
• Mineral remodeling characterized by carbonate ion substitution is associated with MMP-13 in both HYP and wild-type mice during pregnancy and lactation”
• Predictor of patient risk for acetabular fracture
• Single Cell Analysis of Leukemia Cells using Multiplex miRNA Detection Probes
• Fate of human mesenchymal stem cells in simulated pulmonary environments: Assessing an alternate cell source for engineered lungs
• Matrix “zip code” characterization on rat lung slices using immunofluorscent staining
• Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Device
• Investigating the Relationship between Tourette Syndrome and the Histidine Decarboxylase Gene using Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Oligodendrocytes
• Mass-isotopomeric modeling of TCA cycle and lipid synthesis in insulin secreting cells
• Design of a Hand-Held MR Imaging System
• Designing Smartphone Adaptable Phase Contrast Imaging Microscope
• Fluid flow velocimetry using optical coherence tomography
• Systems Biology
• Changes in Interferon Response of Progressed HeLa cells to VSV Infection
• Studying the role of endothelial cells and pericytes in monocyte extravasation across post-capillary venules
• Exploration of a solubilized ECM coating for implanted biomaterials
• Nanofilm Biomaterials Project for creating rigid and bioactive nanofilms using surface shock technique
• Utilization of electrospinning techniques in order to mitigate the foreign body response and accelerate would healing
• Characterization of cellular interactions on Thrombospondin 2-null extracellular matrix
• Stability Testing of Combisomes: Nanogel Formulations for Delivery of Immunotherapeutic Combinations of Drugs
• Optimizing nanolipogel particles for delivery of a Bruton tyrosine kinase essential for activation of B cells
• Cell Culture Flow Device
• Combined Losartan and IL-2 Delivery for Cancer Therapy
• Development of Fe-Pt magnetic nanoparticles
• Novel Poly(lactone-co-hydroxyamino esters) as Dual Delivery Vectors for Gene Therapy
• Fabrication of siRNA-encapsulating PLGA nanoparticles for the prevention of herpes

Chemical & Environmental Engineering
• Advanced Fuel Target
• Terpenes
• Higher Alcohols
• Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters

Computer Science
• Facilitating Foreign Language Fluency Through Interactive Conversational Software
• Persistor: A Checkpointing System for the Determinator OS
• Pinch Pad: Design and Development of an iPad Application for Sharing Sketches
• String Subsequence Kernels for Text Classification

Electrical Engineering
• Machine learning prediction of 3D print time
• LED 3D display cube
• Modified topic models
• Hacking the nest thermostat and examining DRAM for physical unclonable functions
• Modeling financial data with finite-state model

Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
• A Novel Approach to IV Line Tracing
• Energy Monitoring and Wireless Sensor Networks
• Adjoint methods for sensitivity analysis of kinematic chains
• Quantification of heliotropic behavior as exhibited by ranunculus nivalis
• Trebuchet Design for High Speed Throwing Robots
• Estimation of surface curvatures of bones from volumetric scans
• Enzyme Enhanced Diffusion
• Optimizing Anodic Bonding Setup for High Throughput Characterization of BMGs
• Nucleation and growth analysis of metallic glass nanostructures
• Optimizing 2D image to 3D model software (123D Catch) for use in mapping residual limb morphology
• Elliptic Grid Generation and Adaptive Grid Refinement
• The Effects of Turbulent Fluctuations on Flow-induced Erosion of Granular Beds
• Design of Electric Indy-style Race Cars
• Reconfigurable 3D Truss Structures
• Mimicking the human wrist tenodesis effect to design a gripper for accurate throwing with a trebuchet
• The Whippletree Mechanism and Human Jumping
• Forming Micro- and Nano-Patterns From Platinum‐Based Metallic Glass for Biomedical Applications
• Biophysical Modeling and Polymer Nanorod Formation
• Developing a Novel Medical Device to Improve the Seldinger Technique for Vascular Access