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Undergraduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Admission is competitive and based on a combination of high school rank in class and SAT scores. Engineering applicants should include the following in their high school program: Mathematics: four units, including Geometry, Trigonometry, and introductory Calculus; Laboratory Science: at least three units, including both Chemistry and Physics; and Computer Science: at least one unit, including introduction to a programming language.

Applicants should have good keyboarding skills.

Undergraduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Freshman engineering students enter the General Engineering Program, a common first-year for all engineering students. After successful(C or better) completion of the freshman engineering curriculum, students may then declare an engineering major.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

Admission services for undergraduate international students are provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. International students who come from abroad or transfer from another school must meet academic, language, and financial qualifications as determined by Clemson University. The SAT I or ACT is required of all international applicants (freshman or transfer). The Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL) is required of applicants where English is not the native language. Financial qualifications are determined by the submission of financial assessment and bank statements verifying adequate funding. The Office of International Affairs provides visa enabling documents and advising services.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as for all freshman and transfer students.

Residency Requirements

Any student whose status concerning entitlement to payment of in-state tuition and fees is uncertain has the responsibility of securing a ruling from the University by providing all relevant information on special application forms, which can be obtained from the Student Financial Aid Office, G-01 Sikes Hall. These forms are to be completed and returned to that office prior to the first day of class for any semester or summer term for which the student is attempting to qualify for payment of the in-state tuition and fee rate.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Candidates generally should have completed 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of transferable credit and earned a cumulative average minimum of 2.5 (3.0 preferred).