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East Carolina University - 2016

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Admissions Information

Graduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Fall admission only
Admission documents required include: Completed application, application fee, official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended, GRE scores, Statement of Purpose, 2 letters of recommendation.

Specific admission requirements
Applicants for study in biomedical engineering are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a minimum 3.0/4.0 grade point average in the last two years of undergraduate study. The following preparatory courses are recommended:
• Biology - one semester
• Chemistry - one semester
• Engineering - one course in basic electrical engineering
• Engineering - an introductory course in three of the following five areas: biomaterials or materials science, instrumentation, mechanics or fluid mechanics, systems physiology, transport or heat and/or mass transfer
• Engineering research or design experience
• Mathematics - calculus through differential equations, probability and statistics
• Physics - two semesters

Applicants may be granted conditional admission if they do not qualify for regular admission. Students entering from disciplines other than engineering may require preparatory undergraduate and/or graduate level courses that serve as prerequisites.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

TOEFL scores