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University of Central Oklahoma - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

All degrees in Engineering & Physics require:
42-44 cr hrs university core
9-19 cr hrs major support courses
5 cr hrs chemistry
14-15 cr hrs mathematics
2.00 minimum GPA for all coursework; 2.00 minimum GPA for all UCO coursework and a minimum grade of "C" for courses in major

Biomedical Engineering also requires:
11 cr hrs biology
48 cr hrs engineering
8 cr hrs physics
3 cr hrs biomedical engineering electives (upper division)
9-11 cr hrs in chemistry or physics/engineering concentration

Electrical Engineering also requires:
14 cr hrs physics
54 cr hrs engineering
6 cr hrs engineering electives

Mechanical Engineering also requires:
14 cr hrs physics
54 engineering
5-6 physics or engineering electives

Physics also requires:
23 cr hrs physics
49 cr hrs engineering
4 cr hrs physics or engineering electives

Master's Degree Requirements

Engineering & Physics requires:
6 cr hrs physics
15 cr hrs in guided electives in physics or engineering
11 cr hrs in general electives in physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, business, management, or related field - approval required

Doctoral Degree Requirements