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Middle Tennessee State University - 2016

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Engineering Technology


Admission to Engineering Technology College

None outside of general University admissions requirements.

Admission to an Engineering Technology Department

None outside of general University admissions requirements.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

Application form for admission and $30 application fee
International Certificate of Immunization form.
Financial statement indicating sources of support.
Certificate of Freedom from Tuberculosis
TOEFL - an official iBT score of 61 or above (173 or above cbt or 500 or above paper-based);
IELTS - an official score of 5.5 or above;
iTEP - an official score of 3.6 or above.
In lieu of the TOEFL or IELTS, you may submit the following:
ELS passing of Level 110 in place of the above examinations - applicants may submit an official academic record demonstrating successful completion of ELS Language Center Level 110.
If residing in the US and applicable, please submit the following:
a copy of the I-94;
a copy of the I-20 ID;
copy of passport expiration page;
copy of visa page of passport.
Official high school transcript is required for all transfer students unless you have been conferred a U.S. Bachelor's Degree.
Certified true transcripts must be mailed from all schools attended.
For transcript in languages other than English, the original along with its translation must be submitted.
MTSU reserves the right to secure verification of the validity of all submitted transcripts from the issuing institutions.
Also, once submitted all documents become the property of the university.
To obtain course substitution credit, students must submit syllabus along with their transcripts.
Minimum grade point average is 3.0/4.0 for freshmen and 2.0/4.0 for transfer students

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as above.

Residency Requirements


Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

To meet Guaranteed Admissions requirements, transfer students must either:

Earn 24 or more semester hours with a 2.00 or higher cumulative grade point average from all post-secondary institutions attended. OR
Meet the freshman guaranteed admission standards if they have earned less than 24 hours (or less than 35 quarter hours) AND have a cumulative college GPA of 2.0 or higher. OR
Not have been enrolled in any post-secondary institution in the 12 months preceding the term for which they are applying. They will be eligible for admission with 24 or more earned semester hours but will be admitted on academic probation if their cumulative grade point average is less than 2.00.
Applicants who do not meet the standards above, but who wish to be considered for admission to MTSU can fill out a personal statement form for consideration by the Admissions Review Board.

Number of Transfer Students from:

A two-year community junior college where they were full-time students:
A four-year college or university where they were full-time students: