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University of the District of Columbia - 2016

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Industry Sponsored Capstone Projects such as:
1. Real World Projects: Small Site Development, Hydraulic Analysis for Kalmia Road Culvert NE DC, Urban Oasis Development 2. Automatic Drip Irrigation System
3. Design and Implementation of a Home Automation System for Smart Grid Applications. 4. Design and Implementation of a Zynq-based Embedded System performing Real Time Edge Detection using IP Centric Design Approach 5. Escalator Ball Bearing Redesign Using Sensors 6. System for Reducing Down Time in WMATA Escalator Repairs. 7 High Temperature Polymer Membrane Fuel Cell Design
8. Hydraulic Analysis of Culvert/Bridges " Rehabilitation of Aged Infrastructure
9. Urban Land Development - Planning and Site Design
10. Advanced Acquisition System for Characterization of Electronics Components.
11. Remote Data Acquisition System
12..The design of a wireless sensor network for performance monitoring of photovoltaic arrays and household appliances