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University of the District of Columbia - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil Engineering

Climate Change
Transportation Engineering
Environmental Monitoring

Computer Science and Information Technology

Cloud Computing - CS & IT Dept. Cloud accepted into Suragrid; Image Processing ; Information Assurance; Network Performance Evaluation - "Green" Energy Efficient Networks

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Renewable Energy - Solar Energy; Energy Efficient Sustainable Housing, Digital Communications,Smart electric grids, Drones

Mechanical Engineering

Creating Robust Systems with Mechatronics System Design, Cyber physical systems, Product Design, Additive and advanced manufacturing,
In addition to plastics based 3D printing, this laboratory has ability to perform state of art metal based manufacturing components.

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Advanced Research Communications Lab

Digital communication research with naval applications

ARTSI Robotics Lab

Robotics in undergraduate programs. Multi-agent robotics.

Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory

Research on balance and gait.
Ambulatory suspension system with ability to monitor and control fall, .Creation of new bioengineering devices for elderly population.

Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy (CERE)

Renewable Energy - Solar Energy; Energy Efficient Sustainable Housing

Nanotechnology Research Laboratory

Ability to perform fundamental research on spintronics.
Ability to create nano sensors

Network and Systems Laboratory

Network Performance Evaluation - "Green" Energy Efficient Networks

SEAS Research Center

A model has been established where SEAS Research Center has affiliation with several industries in selected areas of research. Senior Capstone projects and graduate thesis topics are selected by input from industries.