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Chemical Engineering

Seniors in Chemical Engineering participate in the National AIChE Student Design Contest Problem each year. The projects vary from year to year but generally involve the conceptual design of a chemical process comprising economic, safety, operability, control, and environmental aspects. In 2016, teams or individuals designed a solar powered water distillation system, a magnesium-air battery powered vehicle, and a cooling system for a local winery.

Civil Engineering

All Civil Engineering students enroll in a two credit hour engineering design seminar and a four credit hour engineering design "capstone" course during their senior year. In these courses, the students apply the concepts learned in previous coursework toward the design of a "real world" civil engineering project. Most of the design projects require field work (surveying, soil sampling, etc.), laboratory testing, feasibility studies, and environmental impact studies, as well as structural, environmental, transportation, geotechnical, and hydraulic design. Upon completion of the project, the student design teams present a formal written report as well as an oral presentation. Recent projects completed by students include an inspection and recommendations for rehabilitating an existing earth dam, the design of a new pavilion for a local park the design and construction of a concrete canoe and a small scale steel bridge.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical engineering and computer engineering students work on senior capstone design in collaboration with each other and, often, with students from other departments such as mechanical engineering and design engineering technology. Senior design projects are planned in the fall semester of senior year and are implemented in the spring semester. Teams generally range from 5 to 8 students with a mix of electrical engineers, computer engineers and others. Projects themes range from power, robotics, instrumentation, and controls. Most senior design projects require the adherence to standards, have both hardware and software components, and test set-up design. Some recent projects include a ceiling climbing robot, a road monitor and network connected speakers.

Mechanical Engineering

All senior mechanical engineering students take a two-semester (six credit hours, total) capstone design course. In this class, teams of students effect a complete design project, usually resulting in a prototype. The teams may be multidisciplinary, comprising students from any of the engineering disciplines or Design Engineering Technology. Many projects originate from a local industry or are entries in a sponsored design competition. Recent projects include the design of a high mileage vehicle (Shell Eco-Marathon), a remote controlled small scale aircraft, a Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) to be used in third-world countries (Institute for Affordable Transportation competition), and a GPS delivery robot. Student teams prepare a formal engineering report and present their results in a seminar. Presentations to sponsoring industries or as part of a competition may also take place.