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University of South Alabama - 2016

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Engineering Information

Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

*AIAA Design/Build/Fly
*ASCE SE Regional Student Conference: steel bridge; concrete canoe
Hardware Competition
*Aircraft Cabin Customization
*Alternative Energy Demo for Middle School
*ASME Energy Relay Competition
*ASME H2Go: Energy from Rainwater
*ASME Remote Inspection Device
*Automatic Leveling System
*Beach/Pier Design on Mobile Bay
*BELT Project
*Blood Pressure Measurement in Obese
Pediatric Patients
*Brass Recycler for Shooting Range
*Bus Tracking System
*Closed Environment Air Revitalization System
*Coil Gun
*Commercial Office Building
*Commercial/residential building design
*Contaminated Groundwater Remediation Design
*County Wastewater Master Plan and Design
*Design of High Efficiency Catalytic Ionic Liquid Systems
*Drone Aircraft for Roof Inspection
*Energy Generation in the Arctic
*Engineered Wetland Wastewater Treatment System
*Experimental Rocket
*Generating Power From Heat
*GI Endoscopy Cap
*Guided Missile Design
*Green Building Design
*Hargrove iOS App
*Home Security System
*Hurricane/Storm Surge Resistant Coastal
*Improved Liquid Cooled Garment for Spaceflight
*Intersection Redesign to Improve Traffic Flow
*LEED Building Design
*LID Residential Development
*Liquid Oxygen (LOx) Subcooler
*Living Shoreline (shoreline protection)
*Longboard Hill-Climber
*Marina Design: waterway, boat slips, etc.
*Mars Excavator Robot
*N.A.S.A. Robotic Mining Competition
*N.A.S.A. University Student Launch Initiative
*N.A.S.A. XHAB 2015
*Peritoneal Lavage System for Rapid
*Phase-Change Materials for Solar Technology
*PLC Controlled Batch Mixing System for
Stimulation Vessels
*Development of an adsorption apparatus for NASA
*Production of 4, 4-dimethylbiphenyl
*Production of cumene
*Production of dimethyl ether
*Production of ethylene oxide
*Production of isopropyl acetate
*Production of m-xylene
*Pyroelectric Thermal Power Generation
*Rural Airport Design
*Rural Road Design
*SAE Aero Design
*SAE Supermileage Competition
*Shrimp Processing Waste Treatment Facility
*Solar Powered Boat Design
*Solar Power System for a Commercial Greenhouse
*Streambed/Streambank Restoration
*Tactile and Proprioception Feedback for Lower Leg Prosthesis
*Tactile Feedback Prosthetic Hand
*Time Domain Impedance Probe
*Turbocharger System
*Umbilical Working System
*Wave Energy Generation System
*Wind Turbine Design