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University of South Alabama - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


First-time freshmen must submit an official high school transcript showing grades earned and courses pursued. In addition, first-time freshmen applicants must submit official college entrance examination scores - either ACT or SATI:Reasoning Test. Special freshman admission applicants, those five years out of high school or at least 23 years of age, need not take the ACT or SATI. Undergraduate transfer applicants must make certain that official transcripts of all courses for which they have been registered at other colleges or universities are sent directly to the University from the home institution.


The University's experience has been that students who have pursued the following pattern of courses in high school generally achieve a level of success markedly greater than those who have not followed such a pattern:
English, four units; algebra, two units; geometry, one unit; natural science, two units; American history, one unit; world history, one unit; in foriegn languages, social studies, natural science or mathematics, two units; non-vocational electives, three units.