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University of Detroit Mercy - 2016

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Admissions Information

Graduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Students applying to the graduate programs in engineering should hold an undergraduate degree in engineering with a minimum 3.0 gpa. Students interested in the computer science program should hold an undergraduate degree in computer science, mathematics or engineering. Depending upon the background, pre-requisite computer courses may be required. For all programs, particular attention is given to grades in math, science and engineering (if applicable). Official transcripts from all previous institutions are required; several letters of recommendation are suggested.
The Master of Engineering Management program requirements include those above for engineering, plus three years of post-baccalaureate industrial experience. Additional study in economic principles and probability may be required. Students are encouraged to apply at least eight weeks prior to the beginning of the semester that they wish to attend.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

Same standards apply to foreign students as to US citizens.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer students must meet the same criteria as new graduate students. Only courses with grades of "B" or better and applicable to the UDM program will be considered for transfer.