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University of Detroit Mercy - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering

*Modified asphalt
*Geographic Information System (GIS)

Computer Science & Software Engineering

*Artificial intelligence
*Natural language processing
*Object oriented programming
*Mathematical logic

Electrical and Computer Engineering

*Pattern recognition of voice and handwriting
*Digital image processing
*Electromagnetic compatibility
*Parallel processing

Mechanical Engineering

*Metal foam
*Product compliance
*Quality control
*Finite element analysis
*Computational Mechanics
*Modeling of Manufacturing Processes
*Multimedia Curriculum Development
*Electronics Cooling
*Combustion Diagnostics and Modeling

Product Development

Courseware Development (including case studies) in areas such as: Organization Processes, Marketing, Risk Benefit Analysis, Systems Engineering, Systems Architecture, Robust Design, Operations Management, and Systems Optimization

Research Description By Engineering Research Center