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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Aerospace Engineering

Research includes: aerodynamics & fluid mechanics, structural mechanics & materials behavior, aeroelasticity & structural dynamics, flight mechanics & controls, propulsion & combustion, systems design & optimization. Refer to

Biomedical Engineering

Research includes: cardiovascular mechanics & biology, biomaterials & tissue engineering, biomedical imaging & bioinformatics, neuroengineering, cellular & biomolecular engineering, health systems, and biomedical systems analysis. Refer to

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Research includes: integrated modeling, process control & operations, drug design development & delivery,microelectronics, nanotechnology & microfluids, complex fluids & multiphase flow, polymeric materials, high compoustion fibers & composites, thermodynamics and intermolecular interactions. Refer to

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research includes: geosystems & water resources engineering, transportation engineering systems, structural engineering, mechanics & materials, construction engineering, and water quality and treatment. Refer to

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research includes: environmental engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, water resources, biotechnology, wastewater reclamation & reuse, hazardous & solid waste engineering, water quality & treatment. Refer to

Computer Science

Research includes: algorithms, combinatorics & optimization, artificial inteligence & machine learning, computational science & engineering, architecture, databases, networking, graphics & visualization, and robotics. Refer to

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research includes: digital signal processing, electric power, electromagnetics, electronic design, microelectronics, optics & photonics, telecommunications, systems & controls, MEMS, and electronic design. Refer to

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Research includes: applied discrete mathematics, economic decision analysis, engineering statistics, health systems, optimization, stochastic processes, economic decision analysis, human machine systems, security & efficiency in transportation and applied probability. Refer to

Interdisciplinary Degree In Bioengineering

Research includes: biomaterials & drug delivery, cellular and tissue engineering, tissue engineering, biomechanics, medical imaging, health systems, neuroengineering & cardiovascular engineering. Refer to:

Materials Science & Engineering

Research includes: biomaterials, structural materials, electronic materials, ferroelectric & magnetic materias, nanotechnology, polymer process simulation, surface & x-ray analysis, materials synthesis & processing, and electronic/technical ceramic materials. Refer to

Mechanical Engineering

Research includes: accoustics and dynamics, automation and mechatronics, design and computer-aided engineering, fluid mechanics,combustion energy systems, mechanics of materials, and heat transfer. Refer to

Mechanical Engineering

Research includes: development of fusion power, radiation image & therapy, thermal hydraulics of nuclear power, criticality studies of nuclear materials, fission, and medical physics. Refer to

Paper Science Engineering

Research includes: new product platforms, sustainable materials, chemicals & fuels, materials production platforms, and clonal forestry. Refer to

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