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Purdue University Northwest - College of Technology - 2016

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Engineering Technology Information

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Departments Areas of Expertise
Computer Information Technology and Graphics
  1. Bioinformatics, computational systems biology, electronic clinical trials, IT in biomedicine and healthcare
  2. The study of entities, their correlation with each other and how they are measured
  3. Interactive design and development, visual design and communication, application development and programming, digital imaging and production
  4. Visual design and communication
  5. Application development and programming
  6. Digital imaging and production
  7. Print design and production
  8. Scientific and data visualization
  9. Traditional/Fine arts
  10. Computational systems biology
  11. print design and production, scientific and data visualization, traditional/fine arts
  12. Applied database techniques (Microsoft Access, Oracle), Development of Request for Proposals (RFP) for Computer Hardware, Software, and Services
  13. Evaluation of Responses to Computer Related RFPs
  14. Anonymity, Cryptography, Steganography in Context of Signal-based Privacy Protection
  15. Visual Object Identification, Tracking and Segmentation
Construction Science and Organizational Leadership
  1. Corrosion, Materials, Metals, Soils
  2. Personnel Law, Conflict Management and Mediation, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  3. Academic Integrity, Civil Engineering, CAD, Construction (residential, commercial, industrial), Energy Conservation, Intermodal Freight, Public Policy
  4. Real Estate Development
  5. Boundary Surveying, Error Analysis in Surveying Measurements, Land Surveying, Legal Descriptions, Industrial Relations, Labor Arbitration
  6. Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Learning Organizations, Training and Development
  7. Green Building Systems, Housing, Prefabricated Building Systems, Prefabricated Housing, Sustainable Design
  8. Construction Quality Control (steel, concrete, soils)
  9. Environmental Noise Assessment & Control, Ergonomics & Human Factors, Auditory Protection & Performances
  10. Continuous Process Improvement, Occupational Health & Safety (workplace violence, shift schedule, etc.)
  11. Construction Management, Estimating, Scheduling, 3d BIM
  12. Real Options Applied to Construction and Engineering Management
Engineering Technology
  1. Analog Electronics, Fiber Optic Communication and Optical Networking, High-speed Digital Design
  2. Digital Electronics, Electrical Machines, Microcontrollers, Power Electronics, C++ Programming, Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing
  3. Embedded Systems Design, Windows Application Programming, Electrical Engineering
  4. 3D Solid Modeling, CNC Machining, Manufacturing
  5. Project Management, Statistical Quality Control, Undergraduate Research in Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics
  6. Computer Aided Engineering Applications, HVAC, Hydraulics, Mathematics, Physics, Program Accreditation, SME Certification, Mechatronics
  7. Ergonomics, Facility Layout and Flow Analysis, Implementation of Total Quality Principles and Organizational Change, Lean Six Sigma Methodologies
  8. Methods Engineering, Computer Aided Design
  9. Accreditation, Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Technology Education, Solid Mechanics, Vibrations
  10. Wireless Communications
  11. Wireless Communications
  12. Automatic Control Systems, Sensors and Instrumentation
  13. Adaptive Signal Processing, Adaptive Noise Control
Technology Graduate Studies
  1. Referenced above.
  2. Digital image processing, control, robotics
  3. Complex systems modeling and simulation; systems engineering