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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Admission to USD is competitive. As a private university, all applicants, whether in state or out of state, receive the same consideration. Students apply to the university and not to individual programs. The Fall 2015 entering class consisted of 1133 students selected from 14,413 candidates who applied for admission. USD seeks serious students, and those applying as freshmen are expected to present a well-balanced secondary school program of college preparatory courses in English, foreign language, mathematics, laboratory science, history, and social science.

The University of San Diego welcomes applications for transfer admission from community college, college, and university students. USD admits transfer students on the basis of their academic preparation, as demonstrated by satisfactory grades in college-level courses. Transfer spaces are limited and, therefore, admission is selective. To be given admission consideration, transfer applicants are expected to have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in a minimum of 24 semester (36 quarter) units of transferable college work. Transfer applicants are required to be in good standing at their current or most recent institution.


While not required, a personal visit to the campus is strongly recommended. Academic advisement and planning is available to all students interested in engineering, even those who have not yet been accepted. Contact USD Engineering to set up an appointment.