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Wentworth Institute of Technology - 2016

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Engineering Information

Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Biomedical Engineering

Gait-Monitoring Wearable Technology for Transtibial Prosthetics
E. Coli Combative Smart Catheter
Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Analyzer
Adjustable Lower-Limb Prosthesis
Wireless Myoelectric Robotic Hand
Bioabsorbable Boneplate with Detection
Electrospinning of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) for Biomedical Applications
Improved EDA Measurement Device
Development of Nonsurgical, Localized Patch for Tightening Skin
Cooling Vest for Multiple Sclerosis
Heat Therapy System for Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Modular Insole to Measure Pressure Distribution
Insulin Pump Compatible Watch Controller
Smart Pill Dispenser for Medication Alert
Drowsiness Detection Steering Wheel Cover
Tactile Imaging for Checking Breast Cancer
Grip Tight Therapeutics for Hand
Automated Laser Therapy System for Ankylosing Spondylitis
Interoperable Syringe Infusion Pump
Injectable Antibiotic Foam Syringe System for Temporary Deep Wound Trauma Treatment
Wireless EMG Compression Sleeve for Knee Injuries
The Smart Cleat for Angle Stability

Civil Engineering

New Northern Avenue Bridge
Minuteman Vocational High School
Wentworth Academic Building and Underground Parking Garage
South Shore Fire Academy
Teel Center 
Verum Viridi Vineyard
Clifford Park Renovation
Sudbury Community Ice Center 
Cadillac Mountain Ski Resort 
Norwood Lighting Department Warehouse Design
Cape Cod Desalination Plant

Civil Engineering Technology

Pembroke Bike Shop
Micro Brewery / Restaurant Redevelopment 

Computer Engineering

Attacker Agnostic Security for On-Chip Networks
MASSS: Media Automation Security using Speech Signatures
Retrofit Gas Gauge for Motorcycles
BodyCount - Automated Person Counting for Room Occupancy
eConsciousPack - Personal Energy-Harvesting for Mobile Device Charging

Computer Engineering Technology

RRT Bike Project
Interactive Dance Revolution
Pulse Oximeter Data Logging
Cosmetic Brush Cleaner
Weather-based Backup Service
Virtual Robotics
Multiple Gaming Console
ios Real-time Social Interaction

Computer Networking

WiPi Robotics
(medical device)
Morse Code Keys
League of Legends Victory Predictor
Virtual Migration
Mesh Location
Department of Computer Science Network Re-Design
Greenhouse Automation System " GreenSpy
Flow Pi
Home Automation with PAWLS

Computer Science

Smart Mirror
Workout App
My Healthcare Asst
Wentworth Class Schedule Planner
Video Annotator
Cloud-based App Dev
Leopard Commute
Automatic Cornhole Score Keeper
Course Selection Platform
Hub Buddy
Concealed Kanji
Mission Hill Parking Pal
Bowtie Trading
Traffic Light Controller
Cornhole Score Keeper
Boston’s Safe Trek
Cloud Console
closeFriends App
GIPWA (Global Itinerary Planner Web Application)
Autonomous Quadcopter
Commuting Leopards
WGC (WiFi Geolocation on Campus)

Electrical Engineering

Salt Water Vegetation
Maglev System
Asteroid Intercept System
3D Printing of RFID Antenna
Gun Shot Detection and Alarm System
Facial Recognition
Inertial Guidance Tracking System
Smart Adaptive Boots
Photo Lithography Hardening of Mask
Non-zero Point Teference Measurement Technique
Remote Railway Data Collection

Electronic Engineering Technology

The Rescue Drone
The Concussion Monitoring Football Helmet
The Parked Car Cooler
The Motion Sensing Lightbulb
The Augmented Reality Glasses
The Light Book
The Digital Pourer

Mechanical Engineering

Mini-Jet Turbine Performance Analysis and Testing
Fire Fighter SCBA Re-Breather
Boundary Layer Turbine Simulation and Testing
Snow Ski Design Using Recycled Materials
RC Car Dynamometer
Automated Dumping Cart
Analysis of a Grooving Tool Process
MYOTHIRM: Internally Heated Foam Roller
Snow Track System for Remote Controlled Cars
Helio Trackers
Robo-Automated Drums
Bike Locking Helmet - The Helmlok
The Super Duper Handy Dandy Car Starter Upper
Boost Bike
Solar Powered Cooler
Re”Cycling” Energy
Statistical Analysis of Vex Hex Stock
WIT Radio Telescope
Forced Induction Engine
Solar Heated Bench
Energy Assessment of Newton Country Day School
Mountain Bike Tubeless Tire

Mechanical Engineering Technology

CFD Simulation of Thermo / Fluids Experiments Using SolidWorks
Catapult Design, Analysis and Testing
CNC Router Design, Analysis and
Load Monitoring Strap Mechanism
Digital Child Safety Mixing Valve
A Mechanical Hand
Maple Sap Pump
Duel-Heat Source Solar Still
A Wearable Thermal Jacket
An Improved Motorbike Clutch System
A Solar Water Purification System