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Wentworth Institute of Technology - 2016

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Engineering Technology Information

Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Civil Engineering Technology

Pembroke Bike Shop
Micro Brewery / Restaurant Redevelopment

Computer Engineering Technology

RRT Bike Project
Interactive Dance Revolution
Pulse Oximeter Data Logging
Cosmetic Brush Cleaner
Weather-based Backup Service
Virtual Robotics
Multiple Gaming Console
ios Real-time Social Interaction

Electronic Engineering Technology

The Rescue Drone
The Concussion Monitoring Football Helmet
The Parked Car Cooler
The Motion Sensing Lightbulb
The Augmented Reality Glasses
The Light Book
The Digital Pourer

Mechanical Engineering Technology

CFD Simulation of Thermo / Fluids Experiments Using SolidWorks
Catapult Design, Analysis and Testing
CNC Router Design, Analysis and
Load Monitoring Strap Mechanism
Digital Child Safety Mixing Valve
A Mechanical Hand
Maple Sap Pump
Duel-Heat Source Solar Still
A Wearable Thermal Jacket
An Improved Motorbike Clutch System
A Solar Water Purification System