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Engineering Technology

Dual Degrees

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

To complete a B.S. degree with a second major, the student must complete the graduation requirements for the first major before the second major can be started. For day baccalaureate programs, the student must see the department chair prior to the start of the second major to develop a plan for completion of the second major and to complete a Change of Major or Readmission form. At least 36 specified additional semester credit hours (the equivalent of one additional year) beyond the number required for the first major must be taken to qualify for a second major. Because the program requirements for each major must be met, it is possible that more than 36 semester credit hours will be needed to fulfill these requirements. For day baccalaureate majors, an additional cooperative work semester is required in the area of the new major. Wentworth does not allow concurrent dual degrees.

For CPCE students the same policies apply, with the exceptions that a minimum of 32 semester credit hours must be taken, and no cooperative work semester is required.

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degrees Awarded

Engineering baccalaureate graduates with a dual degree: 0