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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The School of Engineering has facilities and programs in six major buildings on its east and west campuses, Edwards Campus and at the Medical Center in Kansas City. Engineering is also home to numerous research centers, laboratories, and institutes, all supported by substantial external funding. Research activities in these centers transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, and allow multiple perspectives and expertise to focus on broad research programs of national significance. Major interdisciplinary centers include the Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis; the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets; Information and Telecommunications Technology Center; the Kansas University Transportation Center; and the Bioengineering Research Center.

Engineering faculty members are drawn from engineering and the sciences, and some hold joint appointments with the School of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry).

Combined undergraduate programs are available for students interested in pursuing joint degrees in Business/Civil or Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering/Biomedical, Chemical Engineering/Environmental and Chemical/Pre-medical. Undergraduate engineering students may minor in dozens of areas of study within the other College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and other professional schools at the University of Kansas. There are extensive Study Abroad opportunities available.

Most departments have more than one master’s program to meet the interest of students with different career goals. Traditional and Fast Track Ph.D. programs are available. The latter are for exceptionally qualified students who intend to follow a research or university career path.

The School of Engineering Career Center helps students who seek permanent employment and internships in corporations and agencies worldwide.