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University of Kentucky - 2017

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


English/Language Arts " 4 credits (English I, II, III, IV)
Mathematics " 3 credits (Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry - or more rigorous courses in mathematics)
Science " 3 credits (Biology I, Chemistry I, Physics I or life science, physical science, and earth/space science - at least one lab course)
Social Studies " 3 credits (From U.S. History, Economics, Government, World Geography and World Civilization - or comparable courses)
Foreign Language " 2 credits (Two credits in the same foreign language or demonstrated competency)
Health " 1/2 credit
Physical Education " 1/2 credit
History and Appreciation of Visual, Performing Arts " 1 credit
History and appreciation of visual and performing arts or another arts course that incorporates such content
Electives " 7 credits
A total of 24 credits or more must be completed in high school


Recommended strongly: one or more courses that develop computer literacy. Additionally, high school students are encouraged to complete at least one year of mathematics beyond Algebra II.