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Introduction to Engineering, one of the first engineering courses that students at Thayer School take, is an introduction to the problem solving method that is a fundamental part of Thayer School's philosophy. In this course students work in teams to develop new, novel products.
Engineering Design Methodology and Project Initiation provides professional problem solving and design experience via a six month-long team project. Projects span the gamut of engineering interests of the School and students and are typically sponsored by companies and tech entrepreneurs. Students learn through experience how to: Identify a client need, define and refine the engineering problem statement, and design a component, system, or process to satisfy the need; work as professionals in an engineering consultant " client relationship; implement a design methodology that includes developing detailed requirements and uses a logical approach to weigh the alternatives, conduct trade studies, and make decisions; design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the data; analyze the economic aspects of a project; and apply ethical principles to case studies and to the design project; and communicate effectively through written and verbal technical reports. Lectures focus on professional skills while weekly faculty contact with student teams ensures appropriate project progress and technical guidance. Design projects are also an integral part of various specialty courses across engineering disciplines.