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Dual Degrees

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

The usual 2-1-1-1 enrollment pattern allows selected students to spend their junior year at Dartmouth, normally taking six engineering sciences courses and three humanities or social sciences electives. After this, they return to their original university or college for their senior year, complete their undergraduate program, and receive their undergraduate degree there. They then return to the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth for a final year of study leading to the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree.

A 3-2 enrollment pattern is also available: 3 years at their home university or college, followed by 1 year (their senior year) at Dartmouth College and then 1 year at Thayer School. The undergraduate degree from the home college is received after the fourth or fifth year, and the BE degree from Thayer is awarded after successfully completing the fifth year.

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degrees Awarded