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Northeastern University - 2017

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Engineering Information

Research Centers

  • INCOLL - Research center WITHIN the college of engineering
  • INDEPT - Research center WITHIN an engineering department
  • INUNIV - Research center WITHIN university system
  • OUTUNIV - Research center OUTSIDE the university
Center/Lab Discipline Research Class Head Chair
Bioengineering - PhD Program / Consortium Biomedical Engineering INDEPT Lee Makowski
Biomachine, Nanoengineering, Critical Infrastructure, and Integrated Modeling Research Engineering (General) INDEPT Akram Alshawabkeh
Center for Complex Network Research Computer Science (outside engineering) INUNIV Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
Center for Healthcare Organization Transformation Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems Engineering INDEPT James Benneyan
Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing Mechanical Engineering INDEPT Ahmed Busnaina
Center for Research Innovation Other Engineering Disciplines INUNIV Tracey Dodenhoff
Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems Electrical/Computer Engineering INDEPT Michael Silevitch
Kostas Institute for Homeland Security Other Engineering Disciplines INUNIV Art Kramer
PROTECT - Center for Healthcare Engineering Civil/Environmental Engineering INDEPT Akram Alshawabkeh
VOTERS - Center for Infrastructure Systems Civil Engineering INDEPT Ming Wang