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University of Minnesota -Twin Cities - 2017

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Undergraduate Admission to the College of Engineering

See undergraduate admission statement.

Undergraduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Upon completion of the first three semesters of course requirements, students apply for admission into their chosen major. Students are guaranteed admission if their technical GPA after three semesters is 3.2 out of 4 or higher. Students not meeting the 3.2 threshold will be admitted on a space-availability basis.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

All international students are required to submit complete credentials (both high school and college). Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for admission consideration. Selection is based on the student's academic record and availability of space.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as for resident students.

Residency Requirements

To qualify for resident status, students must reside in Minnesota for at least one calendar year before the first day of class attendance.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Students who have completed any post-high school coursework are considered for admission with advanced standing. Admission decisions are based on the overall GPA and grades in physical science, engineering, computer science, and mathematics. Applications must include recent transcripts from all colleges attended, reflecting all college work attempted (whether satisfactorily or not). Applications must also include a high school transcript to show whether the preparation requirements for freshman admission have been completed and high school graduation. Equivalency for technical courses has been established between the Institute of Technology and most colleges and universities in the U.S. Technical courses in which a grade of D has been earned do not transfer.

Number of Transfer Students from:

A two-year community junior college where they were full-time students: 173
A four-year college or university where they were full-time students: 114