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University of Minnesota -Twin Cities - 2017

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Students must satisfy the diversified core and designated theme general education requirements(minimum 26 credits). Total semester credits range from 120-128 depending on major. Students must pass all core courses with a grade of C minus or better. All majors require 2 years(4 courses)of calculus, 1 year of physics(2 courses), 2 courses in chemistry(1 course: aerospace, electrical, mechanical engineering; none: computer engineering), other math, science and engineering requirements vary by major.

Master's Degree Requirements

GPA requirement: 2.80 on a 4.00 scale. Credits in all grad level courses. Master's with Thesis - Credit hours required for degree: 20, plus 10 thesis credits. Thesis may be completed in absentia. Refer to the appropriate engineering department for information about the requirments for a Master's with thesis. Master's with Courses only - Credit hours required for degree: 30. Refer to the department for information about fields in which the professional master of engineering program is offered. It is not available in all departments. Professional masters has 2 tracks: a design project & a coursework-only track. Design Project requires 14 credits in major, 6 in related field, & design project for 10 credits. A final oral exam is required. Coursework only requires 30 credits, 14 in the major field, 6 in related field, remainder elective.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Doctoral students are generally required to register for major & minor field coursework. Students may use doctoral thesis credits to fulfill residency requirement. Credit hours required for degree: 24. Dissertation may be completed in absentia. Master's degree in engineering not required. Foreign language requirement: None. Requirements vary according to field of study. All requirements must be completed & the degree awarded within 5 calendar years after passing the preliminary oral exam. The Graduate School does not define a minimum GPA, although individual programs may do so.