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Southern Illinois University Carbondale - 2017

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Expenses & Financial Aid

Student Group(s): All Students

Undergraduate Group 1
Tuition & Fees: $13,932
Room & Board: $10,622
Books & Supplies: $1,100
Other Expenses: $2,941
Estimated avg. course load per term: 15
Does your institute have any special programs or fee structures for the expenses category "All Students"?: Yes

Special Programs or Fee Structures

In general, effective Fall 2004, incoming undergraduates pay a per hour tuition rate that is based on their first term of enrollment (registration) at SIU Carbondale. This rate is normally guaranteed to stay the same for four years. At the end of that time, undergraduates who have not completed their studies will then be charged a new tuition rate. Effective Fall 2010, this new rate will normally be guaranteed to stay the same for two additional years (meaning just two tuition rates for the first six years of enrollment). After the end of six years, these undergraduates will be charged tuition rates that are subject to change with each new fiscal year.

Financial Aid Information

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