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Southern Illinois University Carbondale - 2017

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Water quality, contaminant hydrology, NAPL transport/remediation, finite element analysis, mechanics of composite materials, structural and earthquake engineering, structural reliability, nonlinear structural analysis, optimization of water resources and environmental systems, utilization of coal by-products, emerging energy systems, nanobiotechnology.

Computer Science

Computer graphics, data management, computer networks, distributed/parallel processing, computational sciences, artificial intelligence, fault-tolerant computing.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer architecture, computer networks, design automation of digital circuits and systems, digital VLSI design, wireless communications, spread spectrum systems, pattern classification, electromagnetics, microwave systems, analog VLSI, gaseuous electronics, neural networks, adaptive neural control, embedded control and MEMS, power systems and power electronics, bioengineering, sensor networks.

Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes

Non-destructive imaging systems, friction and vibration, controls and autonomous systems, simulation of mechanical systems, HVAC systems, energy conservation, thermal modeling, combustion, engine pollution control, composite materials, ceramics and high temperature materials processing, nano-materials, bioremediation, coal conversion and gasification, electrochemical energy and chemical processes, fatigue, fracture, damage mechanics, multi-scale modeling.

Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering

Ground control, high efficiency fine coal processing, mineral processing, coal combustion byproduct management and utilization, mine environmental studies, carbon dioxide sequestration, coalbed methane extraction.

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